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Success Story #1

Cervical Cancer Screening

The Opportunity

7,485 of our client's Health Plan members were overdue for their Cervical Cancer Screening.

The Solution

Right Angle worked with our client’s population health team and messaging platform solution to create a custom-built, five-week campaign to effectively communicate the importance of this preventive screening to these members. Integrated, two-way responsive messaging workflows including email, text and phone were utilized in the campaign.

The Results

30.3% of these members completed their cervical cancer screening within a few weeks after the launch of the campaign. Of these, 23.9% of members responded directly to the campaign while an additional 1,445 members completed their screenings after the campaign launch without directly responding to the campaign.

Success Story #2

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

The Opportunity

Our client wanted more people to complete their health risk assessments via an online wellness portal.

The Solution

Right Angle designed a 3-week email and text campaign to encourage individuals to login to the portal and complete their HRA. We worked with our client and its third-party portal vendor to ensure rapid reporting of HRA completions so thank you messaging could be immediately sent upon completion.

The Results

Individuals quickly responded to the campaign with 42% of people logging into the online wellness portal for the very first time, and 57.8% of people completing their health risk assessment.

Success Story #3

Making Patient - Provider Connections

The Opportunity

Our client wanted to find creative ways to help people in its community find connections with the primary care providers in its health system. It wanted to help individuals find a doctor who was a good fit - someone they'd want to see again and consider their primary provider.

The Solution

We worked with our client and a website partner to concept, design and deliver a patient-provider "match." A data-driven algorithm using healthcare consumer segmentation and preferences as well as specially-crafted matrixes created matching within the site. A Q&A style survey leads the visitor to a list of providers who are predicted to be good matches for his or her health personality. Visitors may choose to deepen their matches through additional preferences including gender, language, hobbies, specialty and more.

The Results

This feature attracts new visitors to a site that is rich in health information and resources. Our client gained nearly 800 new patients in the first 22 months. More than 25% of survey takers later had a doctor appointment, and people using the website are three times more likely to choose a health system primary care provider (PCP). The website match services have been expanded to include OB/GYNs.

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